Recording Audio from Talkback Mic at the Editor Workstation

The Talkback Mic, located on the desk with the Yamaha audio console, can be used to record voice over audio in a ProTools session. This Mic is also directly wired to the studio for use during live or recorded studio events.

To use this microphone within ProTools you must first patch it into one of the mic inputs on the Yamaha board. The patch for the talkback mic can be found on the top row (A) of the Audio Control 1 (ACR-1) patch panel. You will find TALKBACK MIC on the last port, port 48. Run a patch cable from port 48 to one of the ACR#1 Mixer Inputs located on row (B) of the patch panel. Typically, you will use inputs 1 through 4 as they are setup for Mic level audio on the Yamaha board. Keep in mind the HA GAIN may need to be adjusted for proper audio levels. For more information on configuring gain control settings, see the Input Gain Settings and Input Gain Fundamentals articles.



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