Monitoring Audio Directly from the Mac Pro, Bypassing MOTU V4HD

Typically, the Mac Pro editor in Audio Control 1 (ACR-1) is configured to output audio through the Line Out interface.  See below for instructions on how to configure the Mac Sound preferences:

  1. Click the cog icon on the Dock to access System Preferences
  2. Next click the Sound icon
  3. Select the Output tab
  4. Select Line Out (See Figure 5)


Figure 5: Sound Preferences


Once you have Line Out selected as your audio output device, it is necessary to make the proper Input Selection on the M-Patch 2 volume control monitor. This device is located above the top patch panel in ACR-1.  (See Image 1)

Image 1: M-Patch 2 Volume Control Monitor


On the M-Patch 2, Press the Input Selection button. The green light above MAC PRO should now be lit. You can adjust the volume either from the Volume Up and Down keys on the Mac keyboard or by using the MAC PRO Volume pot on the M-Patch 2 monitor.


NOTE:  Make sure the speakers are on.


Common Uses:

Recording Mac application audio (such as YouTube) in ProTools



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