Input Gain Settings


  1. Under the LS-9  LCD screen press the home button. (This sets the LS-9 to the standard display menu.)
  2. Confirm that the proper Layer for your application is selected.
  3. In ACR-1 the Proper layer is usually the 1-32 layer.
  4. Find the input channel on the mixer face that needs to have the input gain adjusted. This is the channel you are connecting the microphone or device to.
  5. Depress the blue key marked "SEL" at the top of the channel to be adjusted so that the light within the button illuminates. The correct button row is indicated by the number 1 in the diagram below.
  7. Look at the LS-9 menu display. The top left of the display shows the channel selected. Verify that it matches the channel for the which the select button was pressed. If it does not, the proper layer is not selected. Repeat steps 2-4.
  8. Once the proper channel is displayed in the LCD display you may begin adjusting the gain structure for proper level. The input gain on an LS-9 mixer console is called the "HA GAIN" which stands for head amplifier gain.
  9. To the right of the LCD display are the adjustment controls.
  11. Take hold of the HA Gain knob.
  12. Turn the HA gain knob clockwise to raise the input gain or counter clockwise to lower the input gain.
  13. Monitor the selected channel meter LED VU Meter and adjust the HA Gain knob for the proper audio level. The channel LED VU meter is indicated by the number 2 in the diagram below.
  14. Monitoring the channel LED meter which is a dbFS (decibel full scale) VU meter. Set the gain so that the average variance of the audio lights between -12 and -30 LEDs. This will yield a headroom of 12 db for peaks. If you continue to have distortion due to overdriving target and LED average variance of -18 to -30 db. But try to keep the low audio levels above -50 because most of today's analog circuitry has a noise floor around -50 db. 
  15. Depressing the Cue button on the selected channel will allow the use of the extended range VU meter that is located to the right of the LCD display.
  16. Be sure to Depress the Cue clear button when adjustment has been completed.


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