Studio Safety

When using the studio for production, please follow these simple rules.


Clothing and Footwear

  • Do not wear anything with fringe or hanging material that might get caught on equipment as you are trying to move something.  Doing so could cause an accident.


  • Wear closed toe shoes. Tennis shoes or a solid pair of boots are best.  Anything with open toes is not permitted.  This prevents injuries while equipment is being moved.


Health & Safety

  • NEVER MOVE ANYTHING BY YOURSELF. Most of the equipment and set pieces in the studio are large and heavy.  Avoid back strain or other bodily harm by working with a partner.


  • NEVER MOVE ANYTHING IF YOU HAVE PREVIOUS INJURIES. If you have pre-existing back injuries, other physical injuries, or health issues that may be aggravated by moving an object, just let us know!  Do not move anything that could cause you issues.


    • If you need to adjust height on the large LCD monitors, this is a two or even better, three person job, find an engineer or Tammy before attempting to do this.
    • The studio crane, tripods, and c-stands all have pivot points. Beware of pinching hazards on each of these items
    • Be extra careful dealing with the stage pieces. The legs are tight and can be difficult to fold in and out.  There is a rubber mallet in the red cabinet to help.  Also, be careful when connecting the stage pieces together.


  • MAKE SURE BREAKERS ARE OFF BEFORE CONNECTING LIGHTING. Before you attempt to connect up a lighting jumper to the circuit panel, make sure the corresponding circuit is in the OFF position.  If you fail to do this the connector could arch and shock you.
    • Some of our larger lamps will trip the breaker when initially power on. So you may have to flip the breaker off and back on once more to get it to power up.  If the light doesn’t come on after a couple of tries, let an engineer or Tammy know so we can correct the issue.


  • STUDIO LAMPS GET HOT! Make sure you use gloves when adjusting a lamp in the studio.  Gloves are located in the red cabinet.


  • LADDER USE. Typically, students are not allowed to climb the ladders.  If a lamp needs adjustment and it is out of reach, find your instructor or an engineer for help.  If you determine a studio lamp is blown, let Tammy or an engineer know so that we can replace it. 


  • HALOGEN LAMPS ARE EXTREMELY SENSITIVE, USE GLOVES! If you touch a lamp with your bare hands, the oil off of your hand will make a weak spot in the lamp and when it gets hot it will explode sending molten glass on you, your equipment, and anything or anyone nearby.  Believe me, I’ve seen it happen many times.


  • REPORT ANY SAFETY CONCERNS TO TAMMY OR ONE OF THE ENGINEERS.  If you see something that doesn't look right or you feel could be a safety hazard, report it immediately.


Other Rules

  • Keep all food and drink in the designated areas. Food is typically not allowed in the studio during production, practice, or prep.  Food causes distractions and may cause hazards if dropped or spilled.


  • Keep all exits free of obstruction and keep belongings in a designated area out of the way of the main studio floor area.  We don’t want anyone tripping over belongings and fire code dictates that we have a clear path to the exits.


  • Make sure you release the brakes on the cameras, c-stands, and other pedestals/tripods before making adjustments.  Not doing so will cause damage to the gear.  If you see someone misusing the equipment please show them how to do it correctly or let your instructor or an engineer know so that we can assist them.


  • Please handle items such as c-stands, apple boxes, and set pieces with care.  We would like these items to last many years and be nice for future students.


  • The 7 in 1 anchor desk has its own carts for both the desk pieces and the tops. Be gentle when taking the pieces on and off.  Also make sure nothing is placed on these carts besides the intended desk pieces.  We have had to make repairs and upgrades to the carts several times already.


  • DON’T FORCE ANYTHING. If something does not twist or turn as it should, don’t force it.  Find Tammy or an engineer for assistance.



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