Zendesk Instructions (Report a Problem)


Please follow these instructions for reporting computer and gear related issues to our engineering staff.


  1. Click the problem report icon on the dock of your computer.

      2. The following webpage should appear.



  1. You can either search for a solution to the problem you are experiencing using the search bar, or you can submit a request by clicking the “Submit a request” button at the top of the page.





  1. If you cannot find a solution by searching our database, once you click the “submit a request” button, the following window should appear. Please fill out the following information:


             1. Your email address: Your ETSU email address.

             2. Subject: Short/Generic description of the issue

             3. Description of Problem: Further detailed description of the issue, this including any                       error messages and the steps you took to get to that point.

             4. ETSU Computer or Equipment Bar Code Number: You will input the number that is on                   a sticker located on the computer. (Ex. 908*** or T56****) or a barcode with a set                     of numbers on a piece of gear.

             5. Attachments: This is where you can take a screenshot of the computer screen and                         attach to the ticket. This helps us out tremendously, because we can see your screen                   and the issue you are facing. To take a screenshot, you will hit “Shift-Command                           (⌘)-3” and this will take a screenshot of your screen. The screenshot will                                     automatically save to the desktop. That is where it is located when you go to attach it                   to the help ticket.




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