Login Troubleshooting Guide

  • ETSU computer (Mac or PC) not allowing you to log in:
    • Make sure there isn’t a space in front of your username (that is an easy one to miss)
    • Make sure caps lock isn’t on
    • Type your password into the Username field to verify the keyboard is working normally
    • Your ETSU password could be locked out (a Windows PC will usually tell you that this is the problem, however a Mac will not).  If you have a way to do so, try logging into Outlook Web Access, Goldlink, or D2l. If these apps let you authenticate, then the problem is likely computer related and not an issue with your account.  If you can't check your account by another method or you determine the problem is with your password, do the following:
      • Option 1:  Call the ITS helpdesk at 439-4648 and they will unlock your account or enter a new password of your choice for you
      • Option 2:  If you can get access to the internet by some other means, go to https://webapps.etsu.edu/AccountActivation and reset your password
    • There could be a problem with the network setup and the domain controller cannot be accessed for authentication
      • Check that your password isn’t locked out first
        • Call the helpdesk and check
        • Try logging into Outlook Web Access, Goldlink, or D2l (if these apps let you authenticate, then the problem is likely computer related)
      • If your password checks out, call Stacy at 439-7951 or Patrick at 439-4172 and we will attempt to fix the computer issue or contact ITS
    • If your account keeps getting locked out for no reason, your old password may be saved somewhere.  WiFi and Outlook are the top 2 culprits.


  • The computer allows you to login but you keep getting prompts to enter your Login Keychain (Mac only issue):
    • This will happen any time you change your password and the computer you are logging into has your old password saved
      • The first time you log in after changing your password, choose “Create New Login Keychain” when prompted
      • If you aren’t prompted to create a new keychain or selected the wrong option or no option at all, then you will get continuous pop ups asking for you Login Keychain
        • This is an issue that Patrick and I can clear up for you by deleting the old login keychain and rebooting, so give us a call for help
        • If your students are experiencing issue, we can fix that for them as well.  This is computer specific and that student needs to be logged in so that we can help them.


  • On a Mac there is a Red dot beside the Username field stating “Network Accounts are Unavailable”:
    • This is usually a false error caused by the workstation booting up faster than the network could assign an IP.  Typically, you can enter your ETSU ID and password and login as usual
    • If it isn’t a false error, it could be an issue with the network connection. Call Patrick or Stacy and we will troubleshoot.  If you are having trouble with a non-MCOM workstation, we may refer you to ITS since we do not have admin privileges to work on those machines.  Even if the issue is on an MCOM workstation, we will likely have to contact ITS and have them join the workstation back to the ETSU Domain.


  • Avid Nexis or Editshare are not allowing you to log in:
    • Check D2L, Goldlink, or Outlook Web Access to see if your password is accepted there.  If not, your account is probably locked out.  Follow the steps listed above to get your account unlocked.
    • Could be an issue with your account setup in Nexis or Editshare.  Check to make sure your password is OK first, then call Patrick or Stacy.


  • D2L, Goldlink, or Outlook Web Access not accepting your password:
    • Make sure your username is entered correctly with no spaces before the first letter
    • Make sure caps lock isn’t on
    • Check one of the other apps that require authentication using your ETSU ID, if the problem persists call the ITS Helpdesk at 439-4648
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