Nexis Login Instructions

The following is a guide on how to access the Avid Nexis Storage System.



How to access Avid Nexis:

1. Located the Avid Nexis Client icon in your dock or applications folder: 

You may also do a Spotlight Search search.png for AvidNexisClientManager to access the Avid Nexis Client.


2. This will open the Avid Nexis client window and the following window should appear:



3. To connected to the Nexis, under the System Panel, double – click on “WPH-NEXIS”


4. A system login window should appear. Enter your ETSU username (without the and ETSU password. (The login information you use to access your email, Goldlink, and D2L.)

Note: If you have reset your password recently and the new password does not work, try your old password as the system might not have yet registered the change.


5. Once logged in, the workspaces that you have available to you should appear under the workspaces tab.


6. To mount a workspace, double click on the workspace you want to use and a green dot should appear showing that the drive successfully mounted.



7. Once you have successfully mounted a workspace, you can use it just like any drive connected to a computer. To access the drive, the Nexis will mount the drive to your desktop (1). Double click the icon to open the drive.

Another way to access the drive is to open a finder window, go to the computer name under devices (2), and you will see the drive there (3).

8. Once you are through using a drive, make sure any program using any data on the drive is closed. You will then need to safely eject the drive. This can be done in one of two ways:


  1. Is to drag the drive icon (1) to the trash in your dock.
  2. Is to right click on your workspace and click unmount.



9. Once you have disconnected your workspaces, you need to disconnect from the Nexis. To do so, right click on “WPH-NEXIS” (1) and click “disconnect" (2) Once you click disconnect, a Disconnect Confirmation Box appears, hit “yes (3)” to disconnect from the Nexis. You can now close the Client Manager.

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