High Quality and Archival Export Settings

In an attempt to standardize common export settings used for class projects, we have adopted the following suggestions for high quality Uncompressed and Archival exports. 

Note:  Your instructor may require a different format or codec for their class...

The following MXF OP1a format settings are used for any video that needs to play on the K2 Server in PCR.  The MXF OP1a format using the XDCAMHD 50 NTSC codec is a high quality file with much less compression than the H.264 MP4 compression used for Buc-TV.  This format is useful for any footage you plan to import back into an editor for future work or your resume reel. 


The following settings are used for Buc-TV and will provide a compressed, yet high quality archival file.  The format is useful for any footage you would like to archive, especially useful for files you do not plan to use in future edits and if you are limited on storage space.


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