Buc-TV Live Streaming To An Embeded Player In A Web Page.

This test page is using an embed "JW Player" to display the streaming results. If all the settings on the encoder are set as below then your stream results should be available in the player window below. Keep in mind that these settings are for ETSU Department of Media and Communication Only. If using with a different media sever your settings will be different.

The player has been designed to open in the paused mode. To start the playback click on the player window or press the "Play Button" in the lower left hand corner of the player window. It looks like a triangular flag.






The Teradek Encoder Settings are as follows:

Screen capture of Teradek Encoder Settings


The Teradek Stream Settings are as follows:

Screen capture of Teradek Stream Settings


The Quickview Stream view is disabled because the links just point to the Wowza server. An intermediate verification of the stream may be accomplished by remote desktop into the Wowza streaming server and examining the buc-tv > Incoming Streams Page. You should be looking for the word Active in the stream instance status line. As shown below:


Screen capture of Teradek Quickview Settings


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