Streaming Video And Audio To Facebook Timeline And Other Services

This streaming method uses the Teradek Cube encoder.

The cube is a portable encoder is available for students to checkout and use. It may transmit the web stream via wireless internet connection, ethernet, or by cellular data but the user must provide a 3G usb transmission device with their own wireless plan for using cellular data transmission

The portable encoder can function to stream audio and video to multiple types of delivery systems but not limited to these listed below.

Facebook Timeline Facebook Pages Livestream
YouTube Live Ustream Teradek Decoder
Wowza Server    

Individual who desire to use need to have a general understanding of the terminology, signal workflow and general trouble shooting techniques associated with streaming media.

Some of the basic terminology associated with streaming audio and video are listed here:

Encoder Decoder Input
Output IP address Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP)
Static IP adress

Internet Streaming

(Teradek Specific Terminology)

Live Air:

(Teradek Specific Terminology)



HTTP Live (HLS)    


Preproduction planning and testing

  1. Prior to the event evaluate network connection at event location. On ETSU main campus the wired ethernet connection must be used. At off campus locations verify that the cube is compatible with the WiFi or ethernet security connections on the event site network administration.
  2. Prior to the event verify that there is a 115-Volt power outlet conveniently located to the location at which the cube encoder will reside.
  3. Prior to the event practice with the cube specifically accessing the setup menus using the web based setup utility.
  4. Prior to the event test the connection of a stream to the Facebook page or Face book timeline that will be hosting the web stream. In this process the device will have to be associated with the Facebook site using the hardware key generated by the Teradek Cube.
  5. Prior to event determine and test audio and video connections to Teradek Cube.
  6. Prior to event determine if you will be using Battery power or connecting the Cube to a power outlet and assure that you have the proper cables for either connection. 


Facebook live or Facebook pages setup of the Teradek Cube:

  1. Connect audio and video connections to Cube. Audio may be embedded within the HDMI or HD-SDI connection or it may be sent to the cube via a separate cable using the analog audio input.
  2. Connect the ethernet cable if using the wired network connection.
  3. Power on the Teradek Cube.
  4. Log the IP address if picking up the IP address through DHCP. If using a static IP address navigate through the device's on screen display to configure the ip address, subnet mask, gateway and security settings.
  5. Once the cube has the correct IP address connect to the web based management interface by connecting to the cube through the internet browser of a tablet, laptop, desktop computer on the same network. Just type the IP address into the the address field of the internet browser you are using.
  6. When first connected the via the web browser the Cube displays the Video Stream Output Page.

  1. In the mode field select "Internet Streaming".
  2. In the provider field select "Facebook:".
  3. Chose wether to Enable or Disable the Auto Start Feature. (Recommended setting is Disable)
  4. Chose wether to Enable or Disable the Auto Reconnect Feature. (Recommended setting is Enabled)
  5. Press the "Authorize Your Device" button.
  6. Next a popup window will be displayed similar to the image below except that the authorization number will be different.

  1.  Copy the code. Then click  the link to open the facebook connection. (The code is randomly generated so copying the code on this how to guide will not work.)
  2. Login to Facebook paste the code in the requested field.
  3. Look for the Success! message in the Facebook window which will look similar to the image below.


  1. Connect back to the Cube control page and look for the Success! message. It should also look similar to the image below.

  1. Click continue.
  2. The Cube Video Stream Output page will be displayed again but this time will have additional information fields that will need to be set. 

  1. Chose weather to stream to a Facebook Timeline or a Facebook Page.
  2. Enter a title for the broadcast.
  3. Enter a description for the broadcast.
  4. Choose which privacy setting is best for you broadcast.
  5. Remember the location "Logout" button. you will need to press this button once you have completed the broadcast. (Do not press it now or you will have to go back to step 6!)
  6. Chose wether to Enable or Disable the Auto Start Feature. (Recommended setting is Disable)
  7. Chose wether to Enable or Disable the Auto Reconnect Feature. (Recommended setting is Enabled)
  8. Next you will need to chose the Video/Audio Input link in the left navigation bar of the cube web page.


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