Waves Plugins

Each Plugin listed below is linked to the waves website user guide.

AudioTrack IDR360 Bit Re-Quantizer PAZ Analyzer
C1 Compressor IR1 Convolution Reverb PS22 Stereo Maker
C360 Surround Compressor IR-L Convolution Reverb PuigTec EQs
C4 Multiband Compressor L1 Ultramaximizer Q10 Equalizer
DeEsser L2 Ultramaximizer R360 Surround Reverb
Doppler L3 Ultramaximizer Renaissance Axx
Dorrough Stereo L360 Surround Limiter Renaissance Bass
Dorrough Surround L3-LL Ultramaximizer Renaissance Compressor 
Doubler LFE360 Low-Pass Filter Renaissance DeEsser 
eMo F2 Filter Linear Phase EQ Renaissance Equalizer
eMo Generator Linear Phase Multiband Compressor Renaissance Reverb 
eMo Q4 Equalizer LoAir Renaissance Vox
Enigma M360 Surround Manager & Mixdown S1 Stereo Imager 
GTR3 Amps MaxxBass  S360 Surround Imager & Panner
GTR3 Stomps MaxxVolume  SuperTap 
GTR3 ToolRack MetaFlanger  TrueVerb 
GTR3 Tuner MondoMod  UltraPitch 
H-Comp Hybrid Compressor  MV2 UM225 / UM226 
H-Delay Hybrid Delay  MV360 V-Comp 
  OneKnob Driver V-EQ3
    Vitamin Sonic Enhancer
    Waves Tune LT
    WLM Plus Loudness Meter
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