Using Microsoft PowerPoint to create for BucTv

Create slide in powerpoint.(Be sure to adhere to TV safe area rules)

Select <File> then select <Export>.

Enter a name for the image.

Select location for the file to be saved.

In the format pull-down select jpeg.

Set the width to 1920 and the height to 1080.

Through this process a Buc-TV compliant slide has been created.

Close PowerPoint.

Send image to BucTV Staff.

Keep all text in Safe Title Area:

Safe Action Area:

–This amounts to about 90% of the total picture area. It is symmetrically located inside of the picture boarder. Our home sets are overscanned. We don't see the entire picture, the edges being lost beyond the boarder of the screen. Safe action area is designated as the area of the picture that is "safe" to put action that the viewer needs to see. (

Safe Title Area:

–The area where titles (text) is legible on all television screens regardless of the manufacturer or technology used in manufacturing the device. If the television has been custom-adjusted by the user, the safe area may be different than the standard. The safe area represents approximately 80 percent of the screen, measured outwards from the center. Also called safe area or safe title region. (

See attached PDF presentation to view safe title and action areas.

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