Warf-Pickel 419 Classroom Audio Setup

Figure 1 depicts the following scenario.
Tape 1 (which is the Mac Input) is set to monitor on the Tape 2 monitor output.  This output means that any audio sent from the Mac to the Amp passes to the Tape 2 monitor output instead of the speakers mounted on the wall; therefore, no sound will come through the speakers.
The arrow is pointing to a part of the display that states Tape 1 is Monitoring on Tape 2.   

Figure 1
Figure 2 shows you what the display should look like when everything is set correctly on the Amp.  If you find that Tape 1 is monitoring on Tape 2, as is shown in Figure 1, tap the Tape 2 Monitor button to turn this option off.  
The arrow in Figure 2 points to the Tape 2 Monitor button.
Figure 2
Additional Troubleshooting:
If you are still not getting audio, verify that the mute is off on the Mac. F10 will toggle between Mute and Un-Mute.  F11 turns the speaker volume down, and F12 will turn the volume up.
Another item to check is the Sound Preferences setting is to the correct Output.
  • Go to System Preferences -> Sound.  Once you are in Sound Preferences, click the Output tab. Make sure that Internal Speaker is selected.
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