The most common cause of audio going to the "BAD AUDIO" folder is usually a misconfiguration of DropBox Rule associated with the category you are trying to import not an issue with the audio file itself.

Most common causes are:

  • File Mask misspelled.
  • Library Name misspelled.
  • Non-existent Library Path.
  • Cut Range is full of cuts.
  • Cuts trying to be imported before they have finished copying from remote computer.

Troubleshooting steps:

  1. Turn off the associated dropbox rule before copying the files to the local dropbox drive. After the files have completed copying turn the associated rule back on. If files still go to bad audio folder continue to step 2. 
  2. Confirm the text in the File Mask is ".wav" without the quotes.
  3. Confirm that the Cart Chunk radio button is selected.
  4. Confirm that the Library Drive is set to "F:", without the quotes.
  5. Confirm that the Library Name matches the Library name in the DAD Library window. (In many cases of this error the Library Name is listed as "Speciality". This is incorrect the Library name for the speciality shows is "Special", without the quotes.
  6. Confirm that the Audio Drive is set to "F:".
  7. Confirm that the Audio Location is set to "F:".
  8. Confirm that the Extension is set to "WAV":.
  9. Confirm that the Group matches the group that has been previously created in the cuts library letter for letter and that the upper and lowercase letters match.
  10. Open windows explorer to the F:\DAD\Files\cuts folder. Confirm that the cut range listed in the rule is not full of cuts. In this example the cut numbers allowed are 26000 to 28999. If that range is full of cuts you will not be able to add cuts to the library. DO NOT CHANGE THE CUT RANGE IN THE RULE. Consult the station management or engineers to correct this issue.

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