Installing EditShare Connect On Your Personal Computer

For Mac users:

Download  the EditShare Connect client from: Mac ES Client (click on the gold text to initiate download.)

Once the download has completed double click on the dmg file to open the installation window. Drag the EditShare Connect Icon into the folder labeled "Drag EditShare into this folder to install it."

If you have an issue in which an Apple Security warning is displayed and the app will not install. Open system preferences > Security & Privacy > General> and click the install EditShare Connect application anyway text at the bottom of the window.


For PC users:

Download the EditShare Connect client from: PC ES Client (click on the gold text to initiate download.)

Double click the MSI file and follow the directions.


Having Trouble?

If you are having issues with the installation please click the "Submit A Request" link in the menu bar at the top of the webpage. You do not need to login to submit a request.


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