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The EditShare system is a high-performance, high-bandwidth, powerful storage system. Its complexity is hidden from the editors and other people using the system. You simply see a group of remote drives that appear to your systems just like other local hard drives built into your computer or connected via FireWire, USB, or Thunderbolt. A simple utility, EditShare Connect, allows you to connect to the drives you need and perform sharing operations.

The purpose of EditShare is to provide Spaces in which you can store data. You can access these Spaces in a similar manner as physical hard drives connected to your computer, even though they are actually located on a storage array on the EditShare server and accessed over your network. These kinds of network Spaces are referred to by a variety of names. Your workstation’s operating system might refer to them as network drives, shares, folders, volumes, or directories. They all mean essentially the same thing: places on the network where you can store data.

Once you have logged in to EditShare you will see the Spaces available to you in EditShare Connect as well as in Windows Explorer or the OS X Finder. You can access several types of Spaces, each with its own purpose. (Most organizations use only a few types of Spaces, not all of them.) Contained in the table below is a list of Media Spaces and their descriptions. Media spaces are used to store media files. Different types of Media Spaces use different strategies to manage the way NLE systems can access the data and to protect media from accidental modification or deletion as shown below. Access to each Media Space is restricted to specified users.


Space Subtype




Avid Style


Avid Style Sharing provides bin-locking and media sharing that works the same way as Avid's Unity and Isis storage. Also used for Adobe Premiere and Avid ProTools.





** Not used in our facility **

For Avid editing applications only. Each editor owns one or more folders. The media in each editor’s folders are read-only to other editors. Each editor can modify or delete the files in his or her own folders, but not in another user’s folders. The Administrator can protect files to prevent deletion, even by the original creator. Maintenance Mode allows one user to organize or delete any files, even those the user doesn’t own.



** Not used in our facility **

For all NLEs except Avid. Editors can modify or delete their own files, but not another user’s files. The Administrator can protect files to prevent deletion, even by the original creator. Maintenance Mode allows one user to organize or delete any files.




** Limited use in our facility **

Any editor can modify or delete any file. No protection is provided against accidental or malicious modification or deletion.


 Shared Project Space

  Space to store shared projects. Media files are not permitted.


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Alterations have been made to content specific to the East Tennessee State University EditShare System.

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