Scheduling Labs and Studio Spaces Using Outlook.

MCOM Spaces such as the Warf-Pickel 103 lab, 107A Studio, 101A Audio Studio, 115 Mastering suite and the 518 conference room may be scheduled in an Outlook Meeting by adding room as an attendee using the associated email address. The room names and email addresses are listed below.

Room Description Calendar Display Name  Email Address
Warf-Pickel Hall Audio Studio RM-101A WBSTUDIO 101A
Warf-Pickel Hall Computer Lab 103 WBLAB 103
Warf-Pickel Hall Television Studio RM-107A WBSTUDIO 107A
Warf-Pickel Hall Mastering Suite RM-115 WBEDITSUITE 115

To schedule these rooms open an outlook meeting event either through your desktop outlook client or through the Office 365 webclient and select the room to add to the meeting by clicking on the directory book on the far right hand side of the location line. Once selected it will appear in the “To” area of the meeting window.

If you are using the outlook wbmail client see the image below:


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