Copying Files Or Folders To An EditShare Space

  1. Log into EditShare.
  2. Mount the desired EditShare space using the EditShare Connect application.
  3. Double Click on the drive Icon on the desktop or in the finder labeled with the student username, class name or project name. This function will open a finder window that reveals the contents of the EditShare space.
  4. Drag the folder or files into the open finder window associated with the EditShare space. The folder or file icon should change to a folder or file icon overlaid with a white plus symbol in a green circle. The green circle with the white plus symbol indicates a copy, not a move or link creation. Let go of the mouse button.
  5. Wait for the copy to complete.

** Some EditShare spaces by default will have an Avid MediaFiles folder and an Avid Projects folder. The Avid Media Composer application manages these folders. Do not copy or remove files from these folders as the Avid Media Composer Application handles their contents. 

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