EditShare Workflows

Different organizations naturally use different workflows. The following is a general overview of how you use the EditShare system to store media files and projects and share them among multiple editors. You might find that the system at your organization is not exactly like this, but it should be similar. When you begin working, you log in to the computer using your ETSU login or the local Student login account. Then run EditShare Connect on your workstation to log in to EditShare. This process gives you access to all the Spaces that have been created by the Administrator. You mount the Spaces you intend to work with through EditShare Connect and start your NLE.


**Special Note**

Be mindful only of mounting the EditShare spaces you will need to use at that time. Many students experience confusion when trying to find their media when multiple drives have attached. Sometimes this results in lost and deleted source media files.



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There are specific alterations to content specifically for the East Tennessee State University EditShare System.

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