Checking The EditShare Server Status from EditShare Connect

Editors can see the EditShare server status in EditShare Connect’s server status indicator, located at the top right of the EditShare Connect interface.

If the status is “Good,” the server is functioning normally and is not reporting any issues. If the stauts is “Warning,” a temporary or non-critical problem is affecting the server, reducing performance or preventing certain functions from working. For instance, there may be a connection error:

Or there may be a hardware issue, which should be immediately reported to your EditShare administrator:

If the status is “Error,” something is preventing the workstation from reaching one or more of the EditShare servers. The server may be off, certain services may not be working, or there may be a network error preventing access.

You can click the server status to see more details.

If the EditShare server has recently been updated, the checkmark next to the Good status indicator may change:

If you receive this error submit a help ticket at please be sure to enter the etsu tag number for the computer that is experiencing this error. The tag number is located on a barcode sticker either on the top, front or sides of the computer.

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