Troubleshooting EditShare Connect

The following table includes possible solutions to common problems you might encounter while using EditShare Connect.




Possible Solution

Error message when you log in

  • Check the server IP address.
  • Make sure the server is running and on the network.
  • Check your username and password.


No Spaces visible after you log in

  • Make sure the Master server and all Expansion servers are running and on the network.
  • Try disabling Jumbo Frames on your workstation if they are enabled. If that works, your network might not properly support Jumbo Frames.
  • You might not be a member of any Media Space.


Settings forgotten when you log out

  • Make sure you’ve selected the correct profile.


Cannot exit the application

  • Click the Quit button at the bottom right of the EditShare Connect window.


Drives stay connected after you log out

  • Make sure no application (including your editing application) has a project or document on the drive open when you quit.
  • Log out by clicking the Quit button at the bottom right of the EditShare Connect window.
  • Drives connected outside EditShare Connect are not disconnected by EditShare Connect.


Error message when you connect to Spaces

  • You cannot connect to a Space to which you are already connected.
  • (Windows only) You might have another Space or drive mapped to the selected letter.

Try a different letter.

  • The Space might have been removed or your access might have been removed.
  • You cannot be logged into a server as two different users at the same time. Check to see if you might have a drive mounted as a different user. Logging out of the operating system might help.


Some Spaces are not shown


•Spaces to which you do not have access are not shown.

•Spaces on servers that are not operating or not on the network are not shown.

•You might be logged in as a different user.


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