Quitting EditShare Connect

When you quit EditShare Connect, all of your Media Spaces, Project Spaces, and other spaces are disconnected. Other users can now use that workstation to connect to their spaces, and you can safely log in on another workstation.

To quit EditShare Connect:

1.Click the Quit button at the bottom right of the window. If any spaces are in use, you are asked if you want to force them to unmount, to leave the drives connected, or to stop logging out.

•To stop logging out, click Cancel. Find the application that has files open, close them, and then repeat Step 1.

•To log out of EditShare Connect and leave the connected spaces mounted, click No.

NOTE: EditShare Connect may encounter issues if you or another user attempt to mount the connected spaces again. EditShare recommends unmounting the spaces through the operating system when you are finished working with them.

•To forcibly unmount any connected spaces, click Force Unmount



NOTE: Forcibly unmounting spaces that are in use by an application can result in data loss or corruption.

2.Do one of the following:

Your Spaces are disconnected, and your drive mappings are saved.

NOTE: Do not use other methods of exiting EditShare Connect, such as the Force Quit action in OS X. This does not log you out of the server properly and might cause problems when you or another user try to log in again on that workstation.

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