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EditShare Connect is an application that runs on your Windows or OS X workstation and allows you to connect to any space on any of your EditShare servers from a straightforward interface, and (on Windows) to map it to a drive letter. It then remembers which Media Space, Project Space, or other spaces you are connected to (and to what drive letters they are mapped) the next time you log in, even from a different workstation, and automatically reconnects you to the same spaces. For designated users, EditShare Connect also provides limited access to the management functions of EditShare. See the EditShare Administrator's Guide for instructions on installing EditShare Connect on editors’ workstations.

CAUTION: Do not connect to EditShare from more than one workstation at a time with the same username. This issue can corrupt your data. If you need to change workstations, always log out of EditShare on one workstation before you log in on another one.

1.The IP address is the address of the Master server port to which your workstation will need to connect.

2.In Windows, click the Start button, then select Programs > EditShare > EditShare Connect. On OS X, open EditShare Connect from the Dock or Applications folder.

The Login to EditShare dialog box opens.To log in to EditShare Connect: TASK



3.Type the IP address of your workstations' Master server in the Address text box.

The IP address recalls and fills in automatically the next time you start EditShare Connect.

4.(Option) Select Remember Me for your username and password to remain filled in automatically the next time you log in. If multiple people use your workstation, do not select this option, as it may allow others to log in with your credentials.If you are logging in with an Active Directory account, check that box as well.

5.Type your D2l username and password in the text boxes and click login.

EditShare Connect opens.


This information was copied directly from the EditShare Editors guide. Some ETSU specific alterations have added to the report. 




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