USING PLURALEYES 4 by Stephen Jansen

1. Find PluralEyes4 through the finder window


2. Launch PluralEyes4 and click the orange button at the top which says “Add
Media…,” or drag and drop desired video and audio files into the program.


3. Once you have selected your video and audio files, let the program process
them. Once this is finished, you will be ready to synchronize. To do this, click the
orange button at the top which says “synchronize.”


4. Once complete, the program will show you what could and couldn’t be synced.


5. Click the on the TV next to the word Media and then on one of the tracks to
review the footage and its synced audio. Remember to mute the audio that
comes with the clip so that you can clearly hear the audio from the synced track.


6. Click the orange button at the top which says “Export Timeline.” There are
multiple options for exporting which are explained in the export settings window.
You can also export the clips as a Premiere or Final Cut timeline.


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