Scheduling The Edit-Suite Through The Outlook Application


To view a Free/Busy Calendar for the edit-suite in a web page click here. (Be patient it is slow to open)

To view the edit-suite Calendar in outlook click here.  (This link requires that you have the outlook application on your computer)


Note for 115 Reservation: You need to both check out a key with a signed reservation form (during normal equipment room hours) AND reserve 115 through Outlook.


To schedule use of the Edit-suite use your ETSU office 365 outlook account.

From within outlook select the Calendar tab.


In the Calendar view click the Appointment or the Meeting Button if you will be adding more people to attend the meeting.



In the Appointment or Meeting Window.

Your name will appear in the From area, this is correct.

In the "To" area fill in the email address of the people you would like to invite.

In the "Subject" area enter your name and the project you will be working on.

In the "Location" area type: "wbeditsuite115" without the quotes. If you prefer you may click on the directory look up located on the far right side of the "Location" area.


If you clicked on the directory area a pop up window will be displayed. Type "wb" in the search field without the quotes. Select the room that you want to schedule and click the resource button at the bottom of this window.


Now that you have all the information in the appointment click the send button.


You will receive a confirmation in your email that the room has been scheduled.


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