Available Mics in the ER

Polsen VM-150 compact directional condenser Mic

  • Mini 8 connection for DSLR or other cameras or audio recorders that take a 1/8” connector
  • Super cardioid pickup pattern
  • Integrated Shockmount
  • Operates on 1 AA battery and provides 100hrs of normal use
  • -10db Pad
  • Low-Cut Filter to minimize rumble, room noise, or other machine sound


Rode Video Mic and Video Mic Pro

  • Shotgun Mic easily mounted to DSLR
  • Supercardioid
  • Designed for maximum pickup in highly ambient and noisy environments do to its side canceling design
  • Selectable 10 and 20db Pad on the Video Mic the Pro version has a +20 db gain option
  • High-pass filter switch to eliminiate room ambiance and noice below 80Hz which helps when recording around machinery and wind.
  • Condenser element is powered by a 9V battery and will last around 70 for the pro and 100hrs for the standard video mic


Audio-Technica AT897

  • Shotgun condenser mic with low cut filter
  • Can operate on 1 AA battery or off phantom power
  • Its shorter length helps with keeping it out of the camera shot
  • Has an XLR connection for broadcast and professional cameras and recording gear
  • Very narrow Hypercardioid pickup pattern to get long distance sound pickup



Wired and Wireless Lavs

  • Most are Omnidirectional in order for them to pick up audio no matter which direction the subjects head is turned. If it was a cardioid pattern the speaker would have to keep their head in one position for consistent audio.


Audio-Technica Pro63

  • Cardioid dynamic handhelp mic
  • Designed for vocal and instrument capture
  • Pop filtering and wind noise reduction design


Shure VP64AL

  • Common handheld used in the field for broadcasting
  • Omnidirectional
  • Dynamic mic so it doesn’t need phantom power or a battery
  • The longer handle works well for broadcast and interviews, also gives you room to install the flag on the bottom.
  • Comes with a windscreen to help with wind noise reduction and pop filtering
  • Also has a handsome appearance; ideal for on-camera applications


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