Streaming Test Page

This page is for testing the transmission stages of select streams from the wowza server.

All Embedded Players are using JW Player with the player being hosted through JW Player website subscription service. 

Stream 1:

BucTV Live Feed from Teradek Encoder after it has passed through the Wowza Server.


Copy this address and paste it into the VLC Player to test the stream directly from the QuickView port of the Teradeck encoder.  



Trouble Shooting Stream issues:

  • If the wowza link and the quick view link are not working.
    • Most likely the Teradek Slice Encoder is locked up.
    • Reboot the Teradek Slice Encoder.
    • Login to the Teradek Slice Web management page and select Stream Settings. In the Stream Settings Page click the "Start Broadcast" button.
    • Wait about 30 seconds then recheck links on this page.
  • If the wowza link is not working but the "quickview" link is working.
    • Login to the Teradek Slice Web management page and select Stream Settings. In the Stream Settings Page  and verify that the Slice is Broadcasting. If it is not click the "Start Broadcast" button.
    • If the stream is still not functioning open the wowza server web interface. Go to the Applications section. Select the MCOM under Live Applications. Select Incoming Streams under the Selected Application setting. Verify that the Buc-TV stream is listed and has a red dot beside it indicating that it is operational.
    • If it is operational something is wrong with the web page where the player is embedded or there is an issue with the JW player that is used to play the stream.
    • If it is not operational click the "Reset" button at the top right corner of the Wowza webpage.
    • If it still does not work then there is an issue with the network. Or assigned ip addresses on the wowza server or the Teradek encoder. Or a stream password has been changed, or the wowza server may need to be rebooted. Or any combination of the afore mentioned items.
  • If the "quickview" link is not working but the Wowza link is working.
    • The quickview setting in the Teradek Slice Web management, Stream Settings page is turned off.


Stream 2:

Live feed from Telos Z/IP R1 Encoder after it has passed through the Wowza server. Again both players are using the JW Player for both embeds.



A different player configuration of the same stream 



The ETSU APP Live Stream. This stream is from a Teradek Encoder. The Audio for the encoder is fed from a Barix Instreamer 105. This player picks up the stream after it has passed through the Wowza server.



A multicast stream from the BlonderTongue Modulator used for encoding the Buc-TV video feed into the ATSC format for transmission across the campus cable system.

Copy and paste this link information into VLC Player UDP Stream settings. (This is a Multicast Stream and may only work within the ETSU LAN. It all depends if your Internet Service Provider allows multicast streams.

IP address:

Port: 50000


Stream 5:

Tune In

We are no longer using Icecast due to security concerns from ITS.  We are now using Wowza to create the Stream that is being sent to TuneIn.


New Wowza produced Stream:

The above stream is located on Wowza under the Application tab->ETSU->Stream Files->JW Player and is being encoded and pushed to Wowza via the Telos unit in CER. 

If stream is down, make sure Telos is up and running and has a network connection.  Also make sure that Wowza is operational and the above App is working on Wowza.

TuneIn Direct Link:



Blonder Tongue Encoder Stream:

Paste this into VLC Player. UDP://@ 




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