Audio Configuration for the 115 Editor:

The editor in Warf-Pickel room 115 now uses an Avid Artist DNxIO A/V interface.  This interface handles audio and video input and output to the Mac Pro. 

In order to output audio and video to the Avid Artist DNxIO interface and the external monitors, certain preferences will need to be adjusted.  For most applications, such as Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, etc., the Playback preference will be located in the (App) -> Preferences menu.  Once you find this setting, make sure that Avid Artist DNxIO is selected for audio and video outputHowever, the setup is a bit more complex for Avid ProTools.

The following information will help you set up communication between the Artist DNxIO interface and Avid ProTools.

  • Go to Setup -> Playback Engine…
  • Make sure that the Playback Engine: is set to Pro Tools Aggregate I/O. (See Fig 1) 


   Figure 1

NOTE:  You will be prompted to restart ProTools if this setting is changed.

  • Next, go to Setup -> Hardware… and the click Launch Setup App
  • In the Audio Devices window select Pro Tools Aggregate I/O in the left panel and make sure that Avid Artist DNxIO In and Avid Artist DNxIO Out are checked on the right. (See Fig2)  

  Figure 2

NOTE:  Built-in Output should not be selected.

  • Next, right-click on Pro Tools Aggregate I/O and select "Use this device for sound output"
  • Next, go to Setup -> I/O… NOTE:  We currently do not have any inputs set up on the Artist DNxIO,
  • On the Output tab, make sure that your setup matches the following image. (See Fig 3)


   Figure 3

If you are still having issues with ProTools Output, please notify one of the engineers.

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